Why Choose TND?

At TND, we help startups and small businesses navigate the digital landscape by providing affordable solutions from Branding to Social Media and Internet presence     

If you are starting your business, we can help you with your branding needs which include choosing a domain name, and a logo, setting up an initial website and handles for the major social platforms, ie

      • Facebook
      •  Twitter 
      • LinkedIn
      • Instagram 
      • YouTube 

Depending on the type of services that your business offers, this strategy is an excellent step in getting your company online since your target audience exists on at least one of the above-mentioned platforms 


At this point, your business would be present online. We would have set up your email with your domain name and aligned the business identity with your unique logo. it is a good practice to consider including a business phone to help ease the flow of communication in the business. No matter the size of the company, when it started, you will need a VOIP phone business solution. It is quite simple for small businesses since the VOIP phone systems have the technology to take on some of the routine tasks.

For example, the system can provide office hours, directions, and route call extensions in or outside the office. These systems include soft-phones that can be installed on your mobile devices and so you don't need another physical phone. This and many other countless options are available to larger organizations and are now available and priced affordably. 


At TND, we believe that the best business software solution must be an affordable system you can start with or just the one that is capable of scaling up or growing as the business grows without the need of using several applications on the web and hope that they keep working better together. You need Odoo

Odoo is simply a suite of applications that allow businesses to manage various decision functions easily. Odoo gives your business access to 100;s of easy-to-use applications that are enabled when the business needs them. These applications support several Industries from e-commerce to manufacturing and even retail. As your company grows and additional needs are required you can simply turn on the applications needed. It is cloud-based and can also be installed on your premises for those organizations that have specific requirements. There are constant improvements to the system, demonstrated by the release of newer versions of the applications suite every year.


The Enterprise Odoo application suite is readily available on all your mobile devices. Unlike those solutions that have a few of the applications available on mobile devices, and the rest on desktop, Odoo has available on desktop as well as mobile, the important apps on IOS and Android, and with notifications turned on you, are always notified on what matters as soon as they happen.


We at TND understand that using these digital technologies can be overwhelming to some, and that is why our customer support team is available to provide you with guidance so that you don't have to navigate those complexities by yourself. This allows you to also focus on your business.  In the situation where your team is understaffed, we can also assist by taking on some daily routine tasks at a competitive rate, which will again allow you more time to do what matters, grow your business.

Give us a call at +1 317 203-0244contact us online or schedule an appointment with our dedicated account representatives to better understand how we work and how we will achieve your goals and improve your productivity.

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