Brand Identity

Marketing for a business or a brand goes beyond what it does in the marketplace. It is a reflection of what it does in the market as well as what it represents internally. These are the visible elements of the brand, ie its colours, design and logos that are impressed on the customer or an individual's mind once they come into contact with the brand. Subsequent communication of the brand also carries the messaging of the brand to the customer by way of its language, tone of voice and behaviour online and offline. 

After years of putting together brand guidelines for businesses looking to set themselves apart from the competition, we present you with multiple choices from which to choose the best brand identity for your business. We give you the representation of your logo, colours and design in visual form, providing its best and worse application on stationary, letterheads, email, billboards and on social media. 

In our final work to our customers, we provide them with an understanding of all the brand elements and all the files needed in their relevant formats to carry on the work for years to come. We are available online to provide answers to pressing questions that the client may have.

Begin your business the right way. 

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Brand History, Mission & Vision

To consistently communicate what a brand represents to its audience, its history, mission and vision must be embodied by its internal stakeholders and carried through all their external communication. It is important to note that, all external expressions of the brand are governed by rules. Rules on how-to and how not to use them.

These include:

      • Brand Logo - Variation & Placement
      • Typography - Typefaces
      • Colours - Pairing & Palette
      • Tone Of Voice 

Logo, Typography & Colors

Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or services. To be successful your content needs to be useful to your readers.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Tone Of Voice

When marketing your brand and its products or services, it is important to maintain a deliberate tone of voice. Whether in copy or in voice-over for radio or television. It could be positive and inspiring, proud and exclusive, elegant and sweet,  humorous or may be humorous. If the history, mission and vision carry these senses, certain word choices should or should not be used in communication.