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TND consulting services provides businesses with the needed tools to work effectively and competitively within several different industries by rendering cross-functional team solutions for groups across different business units. We provide structure to all the separate units of the business while at the same time ensuring that they are able to collaborate on projects. Teams are able to accomplish tasks in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, accounting, finance and human resources within a blockchain.

By adapting Odoo's software modules, TND provides applications to support CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management. We give you access to 10,000 ways to do business better through Odoo's 10,000 business applications all seamlessly connected to improve your productivity. 

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Odoo Enterprise Implementation

Odoo's CRM feature allows businesses like yours to manage relationships with their internal and external customers as well as potential customers by providing them with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage dashboard of collaborative and analytical applications.

Sales team members are always in the loop of all sales conversations, marketing teams know what stage the prospect is at in the customer journey and accounts team can monitor payment history in the Odoo application modules

Sangoma Voice Solutions

Experience the intuitive power of Sangoma voice solutions for your business. Sangoma empowers businesses with communications and collaborative tools to operate from practically anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to missed calls, missed opportunities and high telephone bills with Sangoma. Capable of providing unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and reliability for your business communications. Experience 99.99% uptime,  built-in business continuity, voice-optimized call routing, and many more only on Sangoma. Contact Us to find out more

Consulting Services

With more than a decade of delivering functional and technical solutions to businesses of all sizes and types, our services have improved the business processes of over a dozen brands.  As an Odoo-certified partner, the TND technology group Incorporated provides businesses with an expert team of strategists who understand the Odoo ERP implementation process and best practices. We analyze your business needs and provide the right management software to run your business. Even more, we provide guidance on the use and capability of the ERP system. Give us a call

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