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We provide cloud-based & on-premise digital solutions that enable your
 business to improve internal productivity, and efficiency resulting 
in clients satisfaction and improved bottom line.


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With 20 years of experience in digital business strategies, we have transformed small startups into mid-size businesses. 

As our portfolio continues to expand, so does our industry knowledge and experience. Let us begin your transformation journey together.

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Help businesses increase their
market share and profits. 

Digital Transformation

TND improves business models by identifying the business processes that require digital transformation initiatives through machine learning. 

We equip businesses with the right tools to improve their operations and make them effective through the use of detailed surveys, feasibility studies and competitive structure analysis. 

Our strategy is to increase organizational effectiveness.

Business Phones

In an age where communication has become vital for customer retention and relationship management, your legacy business systems  may not have all the new remote work capabilities and may even cost more than modern voice solutions. 

TND provides Sangoma voice solutions for all sizes of businesses at an affordable operating cost. 


In order to maintain consistency in communication across all forms of marketing communication including social media, brands are required to have a logo, a tone of voice, content themes, a photography mood board, dedicated font styles and an internet DOMAIN name just to mention a few.

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Going Paperless

Going Paperless is a transformative shift for any business. Have your entire business in the palm of your hand. 

From the single user to the multi-national, companies must adopt new operational processes and new digital technologies to successfully facilitate this shift and improve business efficiencies.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are a good way to get your business or online presence started. However, using multiple cloud solutions can become very expensive and prove difficult to manage especially when they don't work together.

TND provides cloud solutions that have the needed software applications already integrated and working together. You simply install the required module for your company at no additional cost.

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Mobility & Remote Work

Today now more than ever, your business system must support mobile users and remote work. 

At TND we are not only talking about emails and documents but your entire business and phone systems. 

Secure access to all your applications, documents and phone calls on office extensions on your smart devices on the road or at home at any time.

World-class  business 

solutions at  your fingertips, literally.

Innovative & transformative digital business solutions have become affordable and accessible to the single-user business owner as well as the multi-national brand. 

Experience a live demo of our software solutions and how they benefit you!

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