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In the past decade, especially over the past 2 years, online marketing or digital marketing has become a vital part of a companies marketing strategy. It gives brands the opportunity to tailor their communication to the right customers without losing information in the noise of advertising. Over the period, businesses have been engaged in several forms of attention-grabbing content in a bid to win over the same targets. For this, reason it is important for brands to not only offer equally attention-grabbing content but also provide way to facilitate feedback from the customer on digital.

Odoo's website services provide brands with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing Analytics tools that allow them to deliver the right content through the relevant channels to their customers. It is important to note that, although your brand may have the best solutions to a customer problem, if the marketing doesn't communicate that unique selling point, it might as well be shut off.

Our software solutions will give you the right platform to begin the conversation, ie from a responsive website design, enterprise resource planning(ERP) solutions, mobile software and application development, to multichannel eCommerce solutions, TND consulting services is the place to be.

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Search Engine Optimization

In building a brand website, content writers need to understand the keywords that are relevant to the services that the brand offers. This improves the searchability of the brand on the internet by ranking it on the first page of search engine results as well as increasing the quality of traffic directed to the site.

SEO writing by TND provides your business with long-tail and short-tail keywords that drive organic traffic to your website

Social Media Marketing

With the total number of Facebook and Instagram users exceeding 4 billion monthly users worldwide, it is very important for business to include Social Media Marketing in their period strategies. You should not only be present on these platforms but also provide a seamless connection of these platforms to your websites and and other relevant brand assets.

TND consulting services streamline conversations on these pages with other communication tools used by your business.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email marketing is another way to reach potential customers in an affordable and more convenient way. 

CRM services accessible on Odoo include bulk SMS and broadcast email marketing tools that allow businesses to send messages to their potential and current clients from their website dashboard. 

Encourage subscriptions, bundle promotions and trial of new and existing products with a click of a button.   

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