Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with TND Technology Group Inc?

You may call us at +1 317 203 0244  

 Complete the contact form on our website. 

 Schedule an online appointment on our site. 

 Simply email us at 

How can TND help my business with business application systems?

 Our background is Information Systems Technology. We strive to provide you with the best foundation for your company and train you on how to use it successfully. As your business grows, the solutions we have in place will scale, and if your business operations get more complex then modules for those areas you need can simply be purchased and installed on your current environment. 

Does TND  provide services and solutions for small companies?

Absolutely, some of our clients have as few as two employees. It does not matter the size, we want to help you succeed.

·         Aside from the services shown on your website, do you offer Social Media advertising or Social Media Management?

Yes. Branding and Rebranding of a Company’s Digital Assets, TND also offers social media targeting for clients who wish to run short-term to long-term advertising for its customers online. This provides huge increases in conversion and sales.

·         Does TND have a specific geographic area within which it operates and caters for?

Not at all. TND is a digital technology company that operates from Indianapolis Indiana but is digitally present in almost every country. What this means is, no matter where your business is located, TND can provide the best services as though you were next door.


·         I need a website for my business, I have seen a few I like but I want specific customizations. How can you Help?

After the needs of your business website have been communicated to the team at TND, whether in a virtual meeting or in a conversation with a member of our field sales team, an email will be shared with you attached with a “website design brief”. This brief contains certain personalized detail areas that can be field to help us better paint a picture of how you wish your website to look.


·         I own a website that I have been using for some time now but over the years, it has become incredibly slow. I know you build websites but is this something you can help me with?

TND can provide businesses with already built websites with hosting solutions that can speed up the already existing website. It also helps to do a full-scale analysis of your website as problems may be well beyond speed.


·         How does a small business owner like myself ensure that my customers can reach me anytime they try to?

TND offers an affordable internet-based call service known as the VoIP service. This allows users to make and receive calls and if needed, SMS’s in remote locations. Even when you are unavailable, a voicemail feature allows them to leave messages so you can attend to them when you can.


·         Is TND a Digital Marketing company?

TND Technology Group is a digital transformation company that specializes in facilitating remote workforce or team member cohesion, enabling effective cloud-based data processes and creating opportunities for all businesses to compete at a profitable level.

·         Why does digitizing a business matter?

It is important for businesses to embrace digitization in today’s ever-evolving environment because aside from saving a lot of time, it makes businesses more efficient and gets you ahead of your competition.


·         Does hosting my business on the cloud mean my business can be spied on?


Storing company data on our ERP-enabled cloud system is more secure than the average cloud storage services. Your data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the user(you)  

·         Is it not more expensive digitizing a Brick-and-mortar business than an online business?

Digitizing a brick-and-mortar store is a cheaper alternative than keeping the physical building. Operate your online business rent-free and in the comfort of your workspace.