What is Odoo?

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source ERP software, software that makes handling business processes more convenient by providing CRM, e-commerce, accounting, manufacturing, project management, and inventory solutions.
It is available in two unique different versions namely the Community and the Enterprise versions, both offering varying degrees of features and services. It was started in 2002 by Fabien Pinckaers but is currently used in over 100 countries.  
It is a fully integrated and customizable open-source business management software that allows organizations to manage the activities of multiple divisions from a remote location.

As mentioned, Odoo is available in two versions, namely the Odoo Enterprise edition and the Community version, with the latter being the free and basic version of the erp software. In contrast, the more upgraded version of the software, ie Enterprise version provides more high-value and niche solutions at a cost. The Odoo features on both editions provide access to powerful communication tools and business apps that can easily be used and managed by members of any business function and with Odoo's friendly user interface, anyone with basic IT knowledge can manage tasks with ease. Websites built on Odoo are easily accessible from the back end for quick updates and product uploads, great mobility for sales teams to update pipelines while on the go, and marketing teams have unlimited cloud storage for their documents, real-time stock updates and a lot more.

Anyone can use Odoo, no matter what business model you're using, no matter the industry, Odoo has something for everyone, from e-commerce to manufacturing. You can find more details below:

Customer Relationship Management

Odoo helps sales teams and HR organise and manage customers and customer information by providing easy-to-understand interfaces for updating and processing data. Its Live chat interaction on websites and built-in social media features help marketing teams respond to enquiries from the website anywhere at any time.

Odoo provides teams with bulk email functionality for mailing and connectivity of sales team mobile telephony. Follow up on sales prospects using affordable telephony seamlessly integrated into the sales platform.


Odoo websites provide clients/ businesses with the opportunity to display their product and product features, pricing details, and any other relevant information relevant to their brands. The platform also allows payment support from Mastercard, Paypal, and Discover and sells on multiple e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and eBay.

Accounting & Billing

Odoo Accounting provides accountants with an easy way of compiling and aggregating documents on the cloud, accessible from anywhere on the planet. No more waiting to get into the office to process payments or access tax processing documents on the go. To make this better, Financial Accountants can track cash flow and expenditures and reconcile petty cash accounts. 

The invoicing feature on Odoo enables businesses to create and share professional invoices easily and, based on recurring transactions, generate invoices for their retainer clients. This allows the finance team to focus on other aspects of the business requiring urgent attention.


Every industry is included in Odoo's digitization process. Manufacturers can monitor the fabrication of various parts, from assembling the final product to performing inspections. Project managers and Production managers can directly change the stages in which the manufacturing process is, or automate the system such that it monitors the processing period of each activity and effectively updates the status, once the current stage has been completed.

Plan production from manufacturing through to warehousing and delivery with ease

Warehousing & Inventory

Like in manufacturing, Odoo services allow businesses to manage and monitor product Packing to Inventory Adjustments. The system monitors Stock availability and automates reductions, returns and transfers to other business units or cost centres. Odoo’s warehouse management software provides a fully automated system to help you get the most efficient stocking methods to improve all your internal operations in an easy-to-use and cost-effective way. 

Simply, Odoo is a reliable and cost-effective tool that can complement a business owner's workflow. With Odoo, businesses can incorporate third-party applications and devices to tailor the system to their specific needs, allowing them to operate the business how they choose. 

The software's open-source nature means that small to medium-sized businesses can manage their operations using a single platform without incurring high costs. Ultimately, Odoo is an excellent choice for businesses looking for an ERP solution that can improve efficiency, reduce overheads, and enable informed decision-making quickly.